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with Manufactured Housing Community Investments

Our Story

Broadview Capital Partners, LLC is a Hallandale Beach-based manufactured housing communities real estate investment company that works with accredited investors looking to generate passive income.

In order to align our interests with our investors we invest 5% to 10% of the equity on our deals. This ensures that you know we’re in this for the long term and are not caught up in buying and selling just to charge fees.

By buying businesses via an LLC structure, partners have the advantage of pass-through tax benefits of depreciation and interest expense. Our strategic focus is on investing in cash-flowing value-add B and C class manufactured housing communities throughout the U.S. market. We acquire, renovate, and reposition distressed or value-added properties, by raising rents to market,, charging back utilities and filling vacant lots with new homes. In the last four years, we have purchased and sold over $40M of property and currently own and operate 655 lots across 13 properties in 4 states..

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Achieving Better Returns for Passive Investors

By enhancing the value of properties with upgrades, updates, re-tenanting, marketing and management, we’re generating above average risk-adjusted returns for passive investors.

If you aren’t currently realizing these kinds of gains, it’s time to rethink your investment focus and talk to Broadview Capital Partners. We consider our investors to be our partners. When you succeed, so do we. Our commitment to investors is unmatched in the industry. Experience it first-hand by contacting us today.

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Why Invest in Manufactured Housing Communities?

Manufactured housing investments have consistently outperformed other real estate asset classes over the last 7 years. A lack of affordable housing in the US ensures that demand remains high through economic cycles.

The demand for affordable housing is bound to remain elevated as a large portion of US households can not afford to buy or rent homes at the current prices:

  • The USA has a shortage of 6.8 million homes for low-income households (
  • 46.51% of wage earners make less than $30,000/year and therefore can not afford rent for a median 2-bedroom apartment of $1,985/month (
  • 22 million people, representing approximately 6.6% of US Households, live in 43,000+ manufactured housing communities
  • The average price per square foot of a manufactured home is significantly lower than that of a stick-built home, $57 vs. $119/sq ft, respectively.
  • 4.3 million estimated manufactured home sites in the USA.

You’ll enjoy greater risk adjsuted returns with manufactured housing communities versus other investments and appreciation over time as the property income increases. As a bonus, you get tax defered returns since the distrubutions are usually offset by the depreciation expense.

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About The Founder

Larry Abramowitz founded Broadview Capital Partners, LLC in 2014 and began to acquire, remodel, and rejuvenate distressed manufactured housing communities, multifamily and commercial properties. Larry draws on his many years of commercial real estate experience and expertise. He thoroughly understands the markets in which Broadview is currently engaging.

He holds a B.A. in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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