Manufactured Housing Community Investments

“We believe that a good partnership is one where everyone wins. That is the reason we co-invest our own capital in our deals together with our investors. We are investing for the long term to create value for our investors instead of buying and selling to charge fees. When you partner with us you will not find any hidden fees or complicated structures."
We buy our properties through an LLC structure, so our partners can take advantage of the pass-through tax benefits of depreciation and interest expense.

We provide quarterly updates to our investors with full transparency in our reporting.

Manufactured Home Community Portfolio, Florence, SC
Current Deal
  • Acquired on June 2022
  • 255 Lot portfolio community
  • Value add stabilized play, with plan to increase rents to market, charge back utilities and sell home inventory.
scottland drone.jpg

Manufactured Home Community Portfolio, Raleigh, NC
Current Deal
  • Acquired August 2022
  • 74 lot 5 park portfolio
  • Valued add plan is to increase rents to market and fill 2 vacant lots

Manufactured Home Community, Wichita, Kansas
Current Deal
  • Acquired on July, 2020.
  • 79 Lot Community.
  • Rezoned community from 62 to 79 lots.
  • Located in Maize, KS adjacent to A rated public schools.
  • Value add play with only 30% occupancy and high demand for affordable housing.
  • Brought in 14 homes for rental and sale.
  • Cleaned up trash, repaired roads and demo abandoned homes.

Manufactured Home Community, East Peoria, IL
Current Deal
  • Acquired on November, 2020.
  • 146 Lot Community
  • Located in East Peoria, Illinois
  • Value add play with only 32% occupancy, rents 25% under lowest market rent, and plan to charge back water and sewer to residents.
  • Currently installing 10 new homes and remodeling 10 abandoned homes for sale.
  • Latest broker opinion of value will produce a 3x equity multiple in 15 months.
epeoria aereal 3.png

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